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Welcome to Project 1986 Homepage


Tuesday - August 19th 2008
Thanks to Xeon3D, this website no longer lives at Geocities, it is now at .Many thanks, man.
Onto the emulator, after the 0.1.1 release, i decided to try to expand games compatability, so i am working on mappers derived from mapper #0, so far, i got some progress with #63. Hopefully the next couple of days will be enough to release a new version, with a better compat.

Wednesday - August 5th 2008
Matías was kind enough to send a screenshot pack with some games he tested, and also send some very important bug report, on which i am already working hard to fix. Be sure to grab his screens by clicking here or going to the screenshots page on the side menu. Thanks.

Tuesday - August 5th 2008
Release time. 1986p 0.1.1 is out today. Small improvements over the last verions, some bugfixes and a small improvement on the mapper #0. It is most likely complete now. So, i guess it is time to move onto more mappers ? Probably so.
If you can spare time to test and give your opinions, it is much appreciated, thanks.

Monday - August 4th 2008
More work and changes being done. Did some code cleanup, nothing major actually. A new version should be up tonight or tomorrow. Other than that, i am looking for to hear from you, yes you, about how 1986 runs for you. If possible, of course, test and send your results to me, ok ?

Monday - July 28th 2008
More work being done. Some small optimization on the loading routines and the memory dumping/leaking. I need to re-code some of the video output code, but for now, what it´s working, it´s enough. I detected that the garbage on the screen was a result of a un-resetted buffer, so that issue must be solved. Also there's some improvement to be made onto the code as whole. Small issues that can be fixed on a short ammount of time.

Friday - July 25th 2008
Did some work today. Fixed a little bug on cpu initialization. And also fixed a bug in the NES Pause Emulation routine.
Also, there's some weird bug caused by the screen surface routine, when exiting the emulator, it leaves some garbage on the screen, however it does not happen on all machines i tested, possibly driver bug ?
Also, if anyone is able to test 1986 on Vista, i would love to hear the results.

Wednesday - July 23rd 2008
Homepage went live at
With that, i´m glad to release Project 1986 v.0.1.0, the very first release of the emulator. It is still in early stages, but it can play a few games quite well. And it is stable enough to not keep crashing.
If you find any bugs, please contact me. Thanks, and enjoy.

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