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Welcome to Project 1986 Homepage


Wednesday - July 23rd 2008
Added screenshots pages to the website.
Created a icon for the emulator, added into it, already.
Fixed some scrolling problems on Balloon Fighter "Ballon Trip" mode, probably fixes several other games that uses the same scrolling technique. Haven´t tested much. Excite Bike seems to be working perfect.

Tuesday - July 22nd 2008
Homepage is finally done. The design was done entirely by me. The first draft of 1986p is ready to launch, and hopefully it will get continuous updates and improvements.

This is my very first 'official' update, and just the first of many, i am sure.

Tuesday - July 22nd 2008
Did some cosmetic work on the emulator today. Added a silly about screen, and a "GUI" so to speak. I will improve on these aspects, eventually, for now, there's no need to.

Monday - July 21st 2008
Did some serious coding today, things are starting to look good. 1942 is playable already. So is NESnake. There still some bugs left to be fixed, such as the garbage on the screen update, while scrolling. But hopefully i will be able to iron that out, soon.

Friday - July 18th 2008
More work is being done. Memory addressing is correct, i think, and the vertical mirroring is implemented, which should be enough, For now.
The 'to do' list is big, and i hope to go through it soon. But i take small steps at a time.