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Project 1986 Homepage


Project 1986 is a Nintendo Entertaiment System (NES) emulator for Microsoft Windows 32 bit (9x/NT/XP) plataform.

- The main goal of the project is self-improvement and learning, however, achieving a quality level emulation is also a big motivation to keep this going on.

- This project has been going on for quite some time now, probably since 2004, but in the mean time, i re-started it one too many times, and i started several other now defunct emulator projects.

- 1986p is closed source, and in the short future there is no intention to change that. Mostly because the NES system is already very well documented, with several open-source emulators and documents.

- This program uses SDL for graphics, and interrupts for input. The core cpu uses the n6502 emulator from Bloodlust software, however i am developing my own 6502 core emulation, which is slowing making its way into the main program. Also the Darcnes sources were used for reference, but not a single line was copied from it.

- Compatibility is not a priority at this point, so there´s few games that actually runs right now. Since no actual mapper is emulated. Mapper #0 is currently the only supported one. However once this mapper emulation level is at acceptable quality, more will be added.

- This webpage has been done entirely by me, the little 'hard hat' image is from Megaman III and is property of Capcom. The rest is inpired on the old sites that used to be on a site called EmulationHQ.
I don´t plan on changing it soon.

- Why 1986 ? Well, because i believe it was the prime of 80's, pretty much. It was the year of Top Gun and Transformers movies releases, aswell as time when hairmetal and spandex ruled the world. More importantly, it was one of the most sucessfull years for the NES and the golden age of 8 bits. Thus this is Project 1986.

- Last, but not least, please don´t even bother to send a e-mail, to ask for the sources, to ask for roms or to say that game X is not supported. However i am interested in bug reports and construtive criticsm, also i am very easy going guy.